Hyvarinen Language Training (HLT), operating in Switzerland and Russia, celebrates 11 years of teaching English, French, German and developing Cultural Awareness for Business.

Hyvarinen Language Training (HLT), operating in Switzerland and Russia, celebrates 11 years of teaching English, French, German and developing Cultural Awareness for Business.

Marina Kapshuk  from Moscow

« I started English lessons with Katherine in April 2019, and after 5 months I felt significant progress. The language became clearer, the speed of communication increased and I ceased to be shy to speak, even if I made mistakes. I believe the format that Katherine has chosen for her lessons is optimal for working people, because during a casual conversation you touch on topics that are useful not only for personal growth, but also for business. I am very pleased with my results now and I will definitely continue my classes with Katherine.»

Anton Vologin  from Moscow

« Thanks to Katherine, I’ve made a lot of progress with my speaking over a short period of time. Her dedication, motivation and confidence in students are outstanding and helped me a lot to eliminate my language barrier when speaking with natives.»

Marina Smelyanskaya from Moscow

« Katherine helped me to overcome the language barrier that had been bothering me for a long time. In addition, Katherine is a very pleasant and educated person, so the lessons give me pleasure. I can definitely recommend HLT if you want to improve your language skills! »

Dmitry Privalov  from Moscow

« Katherine prepared me for the BEC Higher exam which I successfully passed. I do appreciate Katherine’s approach to my preparatory course, which also helped me to improve my presentation and negotiation skills. Thank you very much! »

Svetlana Eliseeva  from Moscow

« I have been learning English with HLT for about 5 years and I can say that my communication skills have really improved. Although I have never had any difficulties with writing emails and documents, my spoken English was previously not so fluent. Due to a lack of oral practice in English, it was quite hard for me to take part in small talk with foreigners and speak during conference calls. Thanks to HLT, I now feel more confident in my speaking, since I have learned a lot of new words and expressions used in common and business oral language.»

Alan Nadirov  from Moscow

«Katherine helped me with one of the most common problems in language learning – the fear of speaking a foreign language. Now I seek any conversation to further master my skills

Hyvarinen Language Training (HLT) is a Swiss registered company based in St-Cergue (Vaud), set up by Katherine Hyvärinen in September 2012. Currently operating in Switzerland (Geneva / Vaud Area) and Russia (Moscow), HLT provides In-Company business courses in the following languages: English/ French/ German

With languages we are

at home anywhere.

Our language training programmes, offering expertise in the business sector, are tailor-made. We design courses for specific purposes: Meetings, Giving Presentations, Negotiating, Describing Market Trends, Applying for a Job and Interview Technique, etc. We also give Skype and Zoom lessons in the following languages: English, French and German. In addition, our company does proofreading and provides translation services. Our course rates are attractive due to the fact that we are a small company with low overheads.


       We constantly think outside the box       and create change by modernising our training methods for you.


We believe that communication is the key to personal growth and professional success.


With the training you receive, we want you to feel inspired and passionate about what you are doing in life.

our philosophy

Not only do we work on improving your language skills, but also strive to help you better yourself in a fast-changing world.



We offer face-to-face teaching plus
Skype and Zoom training in Switzerland and
Russia. However, we are planning
to extend our services in the near



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